East Kootenay Panorama Tours – 2 day trip


Staycation Destination: Invermere, BC

*Not included- accommodations, meals, activities

Links for things to do at Panorama

Pools https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/panorama-springs-pools
Guided Backcountry Hiking https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/guided-backcountry-hikes
Grewolf Golf Course https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/greywolf-golf-course
Mountain Biking https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/mountain-bike-park
EuroBungy https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/eurobungy
Forest Therapy with Pat Bavin https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/forest-therapy-with-pat-bavin
Whitewater Rafting https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/kootenay-river-runners
Hiking & Walking https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/hiking
Tennis https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/tennis
Outdoor Mountain Yoga https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/mountain-yoga
ATV & UTV Tours https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/atv-tours
Sightseeing Cairlift Rides https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/sightseeing-chairlift-rides
Activity Pack https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/activity-pack
Climbing Wall https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/climbing-wall
Howling Wold Mini-Golf https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/howling-wolf-mini-golf
Paradice Mining Co. https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/paradice-mining-co
Invermere-on-the-lake https://www.panoramaresort.com/while-you-are-here/things-to-do/invermere-on-the-lake


*Not included- accommodations, meals, activities


Staycation Destination: Invermere, BC

*Not included- accommodations, meals, activities

Rediscover the Columbia Valley this summer and spend 2 days in Invermere and enjoy all that the East Kootenays have to offer! With so many exciting things to do that you may have a hard time deciding which to choose!

Temperatures are usually pretty moderate in the valley, with plenty of snow in the higher elevations in winter and lots of blue sky and warm weather in summer.

You may be an avid golfer and are looking forward to trying out some of the world-renowned championship courses in the valley. Maybe you plan to spend some serious family time in the water, explore some of the hundreds of hiking trails, or do some wildlife viewing. There are always plenty of things to do so everyone takes home lots of happy memories.

This summer we are offering a 2 day Invermere Panorama Tour. We will drive you and up to 11 friends / family to the East Kootenays and you decide the rest!

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